This patch releases enhancements on CS:GO endpoints and a filter by time on stats endpoints.



  • Fixed cache eviction issue which would miss changes to a document made within the same second
  • Fixed a bug where in some circonstances data fields on /lol/champions would go missing



This patch releases new informations about matches and games, new stats on Overwatch and new calls about fixtures on CS:GO.




This patch releases aggregated stats on CS:GO and totals stats on LoL & Dota2.




This patch releases additional filters based on user needs and some bug fixes.


  • fix(incidents) work around conflicts in /incidents calls (/changes /additions /deletions)
  • fix(docs) Correct many typos in documentation
  • fix(events) handle more edge cases on LoL /events
  • fix(dota2 team stats) ensure Dota2 tournament stats are clustered properly
  • fix(stats) ignore soft-deleted (incorrect/hidden) matches in computation of all stats calls


  • feat(filters) allow filtering on multiple match statuses or serie IDs and update documentation accordingly
  • feat(filters) allow filtering on multiple league_id in matches
  • feat(filters) allow filtering on multiple videogame in /incidents


Incident on League of Legends Play-by-play

On some corner cases, the side field was inverted between red and blue on the events call.

As it was only a display error, the fix won't appear on /changes call, and you'll need to fetch again https://developers.pandascore.co/doc/#operation/get_lol_games_lolGameId_events to have the new, up-to-date data.

Fix Overwatch standings

Correcting an issue for standings on ongoing Overwatch League tournaments on the REST API.



This patch releases brackets, standings, and add fields to live feed & REST API.


  • Add a brackets API call to show tournament brackets


  • Add a standings API call to show current standings

CS:GO basic live feed

  • Adding a bomb_planted boolean field, specifying whether the bomb has been planted or not.

LoL pro live feed

  • Adding a type field in players items to distinguish items from trinkets.

Overwatch Post-match game details

Additional fields added to OW games

  • Adding the following fields to the heroes objects:

    • number of time the player used his ultimate per hero: ultimates (int)
    • time the player spent during the round having the hero ultimate available, in seconds: time_with_ult_up (int)
    • time spent playing the hero during the round, in seconds: time_played (int)
    • number of resurrections the player performed on an ally hero: resurrections (int)
    • number of kills the player got during the round playing the hero: kills (int)
    • number of destructions the player performed during the round playing the hero: destructions (int)
    • number of deaths the player had during the round playing the hero: deaths (int)
    • average time the player had to spend to load the hero ultimate, in seconds: avg_time_to_charge_ultimate (float)
  • Adding the following fields to the players objects:

    • number of times the player used his ultimate: ultimates (int)
    • number of times the player resurrected an ally during the round: resurrections (int)
    • number of times the player performed a destruction (ex: Torbjörn's turret): destructions (int)

Additional stats added to OW aggregated statistics, on the /ow/series/{serie_id}/players/{player_id}/stats, the /ow/tournaments/{tournament_id}/players/{player_id}/stats, the new /ow/matches/{match_id}/players/{player_id}/stats and the new /ow/games/{game_id}/players/{player_id}/stats calls, in the stats.averages object with the following fields:

  • average time the player had to spend to charge the hero ultimate, in seconds: avg_time_to_charge_ultimate (float)
  • number of the player deaths over the instance: deaths_counts (int) average number of deaths per 10 minutes: deaths_per_10_minutes (int)
  • number of times the player performed a destruction over the instance: destructions_count (int)
  • average number of destructions per 10 minutes: destructions_per_10_minutes (int)
  • number of kills the player got over the instance: kills_count (int)
  • average number of kills per 10 minutes: kills_per_10_minutes (int)
  • number of draw maps over the instance: map_draw (int)
  • number of lost maps over the instance: map_lost (int)
  • number of won maps over the instance: map_won (int)
  • number of times the player resurrected an ally over the instance: resurrections_count (int)
  • average number of resurrections per 10 minutes: resurrections_per_10_minutes (int)
  • number of times the player used his ultimate during the instance: ultimates_count (int)
  • average number of ultimates per 10 minutes: ultimates_per_10_minutes (int)

📖 Documentation

We're updating our reference documentation, in order to make it clearer and lighter.

We also changed our documentation engine to support Swagger/OpenApi v3 specification.



This patch releases the CS:GO Live plan.

CS:GO live feed

CS:GO Live includes a live data feed with :

General Stats

  • Current map
  • Current round
  • Is the game finished?
  • Winner

Team Stats

  • Name
  • Current score in round
  • Current score in Best of

Player Stats

  • Name
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • is alive?

Detailled live specification is available on the live documentation.



We spend a lot of time in order to improve the average performance of the API. We also added a lot of embed data in some calls, and removed the rate limit for the /lives endpoint.


  • Leagues returned in the /videogames endpoint now embed series as well.

  • All items can now be filtered by their keys. Example: /lol/versions/8.20.1/items?filter[gold_sell]=700

  • Team slugs are now returned. Every item can now be fetched by slug (as well as ID). Example: /teams/vitality

New keys have been added:

  • Leagues: modified_at
  • Matches: modifiedat, winnerid, tournamentid, numberofgames, matchtype, draw, live
  • Matches /lives: results, opponents, games
  • Tournaments: modifiedat, winnertype
  • All videogames now list their current_version when it makes sense
  • All games and matches now list winnertype and winnerid when possible
  • Dota2 abilities are now always listed along with their ID
  • Dota2 games also list more information on their matches
  • Overwatch maps & heroes have slugs now
    • Heroes' realname, difficulty & portraiturl are now listed too


  • The rate limit on /lives endpoint has been removed.
  • Match results is now 0 - 0 instead of null when the match is not started yet.


  • A lot of performance issues have been resolved, so the averages responses times should be faster.



Releasing CS:GO Fixture (prematch) and Historical (postmatch) data, along with the CS:GO advanced plan.


  • Adding API calls for CS:GO


  • Fixing issue with player's current team.
  • Fixing default sorting for embed schemas.
  • Resolving performance issues

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