New route /players/{player_id}/matches. range issue with bounds on date fields fixed. New field complete in match games.


  • Added: field complete to every games and Match games (in incidents too)
  • Added: new route: matches by player
  • Fixed: the parameters range and filter now use the right precision for date fields. No more bounds issues on range.



Fixture Plan for Rainbow 6 Siege has been released.


  • Added: Rainbow 6 Siege Fixtures



New complete field for LoL, CS:GO and Dota2 games, English and Russian stream urls have in matches. and a new tier field in series.


  • Added: complete field for LoL, CS:GO and Dota2 games. This field will let you know when a game has been locked on Pandascore's side and will no longer be subject to any changes.
  • Added: tier field in series. In order to increase visibility of a serie's data and live coverage, as well as overall reliability, it will receive a rank being, in descending order, either S, A, B, C, or finally Unranked if the series has little to no competitive value (e.g. All Stars).
  • Changed: birth_year and birthday have been move from Free Plan to Historical Plan for CS:GO, Dota2, LoL and Overwatch players.
  • Added Two new objects english and russian have been added to matches, each containing a raw_url and an embed_url fields.

⚠️ Deprecations

live_url field in matches has been replaced by official_stream_url and will be removed in a future release.



New live_url_embed field for Matches.


  • Added: live_url_embed to matches and brackets
  • Fixed: Incident header field x-total



A new match status postponed has been released. For more information, please refer to the Match Lifecycle documentation.


  • Added: original_scheduled_at to matches
  • Added: New match status postponed



Fixture Plan for Rocket League and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have been released. Live API Events Recovery is available for CS:GO and League of Legends. New Rest API endpoint for all videogames: /:vg/matches/:match_id/players/stats


  • Removed: League live_supported field
  • Added: Rocket League Fixtures
  • Added: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Fixtures
  • Added: rescheduled field to Match

Historical Data

  • Added: endpoint: /:vg/matches/:match_id/players/stats

LoL and CS:GO Live Pro Plans

  • Added: Events Recovery:

Send {"type":"recover","payload":{"game_id":211792}} in wss://live.pandascore.co/matches/:match_id/events during a live game to get all past events of the game.



Pro Live Plan for CS:GO released.

New nationality, birthday and birth_year fields for players. New location field for teams. New game_advantage field for matches, with score updated accordingly. There is no breaking change in this release.


  • Added: nationality, birthday and 'birth_year fields to Player
  • Added: location field to Team
  • Added: game_advantage to Match

CS:GO Pro Live Plan:

Live statistics

  • Added paused field for General stats
  • Added hp field for Player stats
  • Added primary_weapon for Player stats

Added Event feed with

  • Kills
  • Round starts
  • Round ends



New live_supported status for tournaments. prizepool for series has been removed.


  • Added: live_supported in tournaments
  • Added: Every obsolete Dota2 qualifiers tournament is now handled by /deletions (field reason)
  • Removed: Serie prizepool
  • Changed: The Incidents section is on top of the side menu in the reference documentation

⚠️ Deprecations

live_supported for leagues are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.



Support for tournament prizepools and detailed_stats


  • Added: Tournaments now have a prizepool field.
  • Added: Matches now have a detailed_stats boolean, showing if the data for this match is complete and trustable. If detailed_stats is false, game details won't be available until we update them accordingly.

⚠️ Deprecations

prizepool for series are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.



New status field for games and matches, stream urls and some fixes. There is no breaking changes in this release.


Status for matches

Games now have a status field, which can be "not started", "running" or "finished".

Scheduled date

Matches now have a scheduled_at field, with the expected start date of a match. When a match actually starts, the begin_at of the match will be updated to match the real, precise date of the beginning on the match while the scheduled_at field will always contain the "official" date as communicated by the tournament organizer.

Live stream url for matches

When a match actually starts, we will provide (if available) the stream url to watch the match in live. We usually provide the fastest source for our systems, and this stream is not available yet for Dota2 matches.

This information is available on all the /matches calls under the live_url field.

VOD video url for games

When a game is finished, we try to provide the url of the video (if available). This update can take some time as the video providers ofter take some time to make them available. Again, this is not available for Dota 2 yet.

Other changes

We documented a bit the /deletion endpoint in the documentation, and fixed a lot of small bugs.